401(k) Plan Brochures

This page includes copies of IAM National 401(k) Plan education and communication brochures and flyers. These documents provide information about the plan, investment options, and account access for participants. Click the item title to review or download copies.


IAM National 401(k) Plan Investment Options Summary (PDF)

This document summarizes the investment options available to participants.

Develop your investment mix worksheet (PDF)

This worksheet is useful in evaluating your retirement investment risk tolerance to develop an investment mix.

Simple to use. Easy to navigate (PDF)

This flyer contains an overview of using the participant website, MyLifeNow.

MyLifeNow has gone mobile (PDF)

Details on accessing your account with the MyLifeNow mobile app.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can a company of any size join the National 401(k) Plan?

Yes. The Plan covers members from companies of any size, from one member to thousands of members.


How can I get more information about the National 401(k) Plan?

You can contact the IAM National 401(k) Fund Office directly to get more information about the plan.

Is the IAM National 401(k) Fund a part of the IAMAW Union?

The IAM National 401(k) Fund is a separate entity from the IAMAW Union. While the National 401(k) Plan can be negotiated into IAM Collective Bargaining Agreements, it was created for the benefit of IAM members who have negotiated the plan into their collective bargaining agreements.

Is participation in the plan limited to IAM members?

No. Companies with participating IAM members can include other collectively bargained and certain non-union or special-class employees in the plan.

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