A Qualified Domestic Relations Order is a legal order resulting from a divorce or legal separation that gives the divorced spouse or other dependent, defined as an "alternate payee," their share of an asset, such as a pension or retirement plan benefit.

The document below describes the Fund's QDRO-related procedures in detail. Click the document title to review or download. 


IAM National 401(k) Fund QDRO Procedures (PDF)

Describes the Fund's procedures for reviewing and administering a QDRO.


IAM National 401(k) Fund QDRO Instruction Booklet (PDF)

New document pending, please contact the Fund Office if you need assistance in the meantime.

Provides a comprehensive overview of how a QDRO is established and how 401(k) plan benefits may be allocated to an alternate payee.

QDRO Model for IAM National 401(k) Fund (PDF)


This document serves as a model agreement for establishing a QDRO and calculating the division of benefits among the parties.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What if I get divorced or legally separated?

  • If you get divorced or legally separated after your plan entry date, you may need to update your plan beneficiary information.
  • Update your beneficiary(ies) with John Hancock via the internet at mylife.jhrps.com or call 800.294.3575 between 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time to speak with a Participant Service Representative.

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